Last. Board. Needles. Two. Tech!

This might be my last day in Fairfax. Weird. Strange.

I don’t know what I think about this. I am getting a little nervous about the new gig. Not nervous in a bad way, more like the nervous excitement of going off to school. But to a much lesser extent. I am a little worried about the commuting situation. I don’t know how good or bad it will be. Parking at the metro? What time does the lot fill up? Can I just build a helicopter? How about a scooter? Does Tom want a pizza party or should we go fancy like red robin?

Kelly and I went to the Neighborhood board meeting last night, to make sure we voiced our opinions on the new parking policy (our opinion: no thanks). The politics there were a bit silly, I understand it was a bit enhanced because of the new elections but watching people antagonize each other was a bit crazy. There were a couple of people that would insist on talking in a loud and demanding manner that would only repeat the obvious or attempt to impart some vague pointless wisdom, I am not sure why, but I think it is because they are smarter and better than the board/other people there. I think there needs to be some B.S. monitor there that will politely point out when people are being so transparent and unhelpful. I don’t think I will be going back to these meetings until they are going to be doing something for real about the parking.

My hip is better after getting Charlie to look at it. I don’t know how much better since I am going easy because I am worried about aggravating it. Charlie says it is a ligament and I should just restrict my movements on that side. He gave me some Chinese medicine patches and said they should cut the recovery time in half. So, being the good china man I am I slap that stinky patch on it at night.

Currently wushu is all two man set for me. I just need to get the choreography down with Stephon. I think if we get this thing down, we are going to have a good shot with it in Vietnam. It could be our best event, easy. We need to get it functional by October 2nd for our big demo at the Kennedy Center. C’mon hip!

Blacksburg this weekend. Not real good timing, I get my HD Tivo on Friday and then we gots to jump in the car and get out of there. That is just mean. But Souvlaki’s and Sharky’s and Hokie house are so, so nice. I can’t wait to go be on campus again. Ross Gore was a smart man, screw this working world, go back to school 6 more years. He might be short, but you gotta admit that was a smart move.