Now that is what I call a weekend.

I skipped wushu on Friday so that I could go to dinner with Jeannie and Dirk. Their time here is limited, so I think that was fair. Saturday I was going to Richmond under the assumption that I just needed to pick out tuxes with Everett and he really wanted to show me his place, including his disturbingly named man room. Well, something was afoot and I was none-the-wiser. We were supposed to meet Kelly and the ‘rents for dinner at the Extra Billy’s. So we roll in and I head into the restaurant and notice my parents in the little side room. Funy thing was is my Mom was talking to Master Phuong. Strange that he happened to be in the best barbeque joint in Richmond the same time we were going. Weird. Even weirder when I walked in and noticed the Tulli sitting at the same table with Dianne from Koryo. And Katy-Jo and Summer. It really didn’t occur to me that it was a highly orchestrated party in my honor until they all yelled ‘surprise!’

Man it was great, so many people. Many of whom I hadn’t seen in a LONG time. It was also great because we got to eat barbeque until we exploded. I hovered from table to table chatting with everybody. I sorta dissed my family (wife and in-fam included) because I hadn’t been able to talk to most of the others in such a long time. It was especially fun to talk with Phuong and Dianne. Dianne was pushing to get me to commit to coming to Koryo and giving a demo. Which actually sounds like a bunch of fun, and I have begun brainstorming for how I can track some of the other O-Mei peeps to come down with me. Nice to see how well Katy and Summer are doing. Bailey was great, I loved watching her try and eat lemons. I am thinking we need to set her and Joshua up in oh, 15 years or so.

My wife is awesome.

New goal on the basement. We need to be projecting by the first Tech football game on 9/4. That gives me 18 days. We can do this. I may skip wushu tonight so that I can continue construction.

We are currently faced with 2 decisions: What color to paint the basement and should be go ahead with the bar.

Paint color matters because of the projector, it is a big bright lamp and light/bright walls will reflect on the screen and hurt the contrast. I am not going to go nuts and paint the room black, but I would like to stay away from florescent orange. Despite how much I like florescent orange. The bar is simply a matter of money. I got a new low quote from the Chinese guy, but even with that I think it could cost over a grand to get installed. I am not sure that is where I want to put my money right now. I sorta think that money should go towards airfare this December.