Didn’t see that coming

Tom has invited me to go do stuff multiple times this week. But every time he extends his generous invitation I have declined citing some sort of wushu related excuse. I must say he is very justified in his complaints about too much wushu. It is true before TT I fully expected a week or two of little to no ninja dancing. Unfortunately I didn’t expect a couple of things. One, to make the A team and have to get ready for the Vietnam in 4 short, short months. And two, a demo coach popped on us at the last min—Ode to Peace, with important Chinese people in the audience that we needed to impress. Well, that coach wanted to impress. Oh, and I have to get ready for Vietnam! I really want some wings though.

I am going to work on the basement this weekend. Hopefully tonight I can rewire one of the lights and be done with the wires, and then we can clean up and rearrange what ever we can so we are ready for renting the drywall lift for this Sunday. Once the lift shows up I hope we can tack everything up nice and quick. Sooner I get drywall on the ceiling the sooner it is going to be on the walls and the sooner I can use my projector! Among the projects I need to accomplish are building the shelves into the wall of the utility room for the AV equipment, and some DVD shelves next to that. Which will be a fun project, but I am thinking it may get complicated. Got to figure out carpet. And what to do about that gas line. And throw a cat. And figure out the air duct situation. And the I-Beam. And the speaker wire. And the speakers. And the stripper pole. And patch the couch. And more stuff too…

Yay, I even get to pay a mortgage!

Nearly forgot, I have to go to vietnam in 4 months, with these jokers: