Step 1: destroy — done. What’s step two?

I just ordered my projector. Yay! The lady said it should be here in a few days. Here’s the hoping it doesn’t come until we get back form Richmond.

The destruction is nearly complete. There is really not much to do until we buy drywall and are ready to start hanging it. I think before I do that I should get my projector and the lights we want to install so that I can wire everything up BEFORE we put up the ceiling.

I figure the ceiling should go up before the walls, and we can’t tear down walls between the main room and the utility room until we are ready to hang the walls for that (b/c the cats). We may not get around to doing that until after TT. Out of town this weekend, then I only have 2 more weekends to get ready. Feel the pressure.

I have been feeling good. An occasional acute injury, in other words, no pain from overtraining. My shins have been feeling good, my hamstrings lack that normal hurty feeling they have. I think my body has adjusted to all the hard training and able to keep up with silly wushu demands. I remember feeling good before 2003’s TT, and that my shins didn’t hurt. This is all good except I can’t stop thinking about one thing: How do I remain pain free after TT? I mean I am not going to be willing to devote as much time to training as I have been afterwards, so I won’t be getting the same conditioning, so I figure I will go back to where I was. No, really, this is a legitimate concern of mine.

I played water guns with Cierra. Meredith had to take it to the next level and dump a bucket of water on me 3 times. She brought me a froofy starbucks the next day.