New Silks

I know Tom is going to be disappointed, but I am just getting new silks and not making a costume for a new Robin Hood play.

We get to make the new style of silks and have the option of designing my own, and well, I prefer to have original silks.

Consider for a moment those people who wander into a tattoo parlor and pick a tattoo design from one of the designs on the wall. How thoughtless and trite it seems. Well, silks are for running around on the carpet, and nowhere near as permanent — or even as meaningful as a statement of my beliefs. Nevertheless, I would like to have something not so cookie cutter.

Here is my design:
Gold and Navy
Grey and Burgundy

I think I am going gold and navy because the burgundy silk tends to be real purple when they dye it. I did not think of sub-zero until someone pointed it out to me. Arg.