It’s the king of weapons, not ‘wobbly’

Training went fairly well yesterday. 4pm sword, I did my new beginning — which was stephon’s new beginnign, but he didn’t like it so he went back to his old one (effectivly making it his new new beginning) and I took his old new beginning.

Coach also told me to drop about half the difficulty’s from the form. My current version has jump outside, tornado, butterfly-butterfly twist and aerial. Nandu don’t count for weapons this year so there is really no reason to tire my self out with any of the tricks, so I will drop about half. She wants me to replace the b-btwist with an a-twist. Ionno ‘bout that. It’s good because she likes my aerial twist. It’s bad because that trick is scary enough with out having to worry about holding onto a freakin sword.

I talked to coach for a while about putting in tile/wood on the entry way and for the upstairs waiting room. She wants to install it this weekend but I think she is not going to be get the tile since she has no ordered it yet. She seems to think she can just go pick it up somewheres. Perhaps she knows a place.

7pm spear class. Kelly even came to smack me around when I slack off. I am starting to think my spear is going to be the stronger of the two weapons. Perhaps it is just because I think my sword looks retarded at this point.

After class I drilled my big important nandu and I was much more consistent this time. A few little hops, a few under rotated, and a few were stuck. So I am happy with that damn trick for now.

4th of July plans. Install the flag pole (well that might be 3rd of July plans), BBQ and go downtown to the mall. Hopefully we can get some people to come hang out. Maybe a little national mall frisbee or soccer. It’s grillin’ time.