Backyard Barbeque, happy fireworks, and demolition.

According to Kelly, Happy Fireworks Day is second to Christmas, which is a tall order to fill when you do not have the marketing superpowers to back you up. However I think we were able to make it a good enough weekend for her to come out happy. I think the hours of that vicious cooking-cleaning-cooking cycle really helped keep her in the patriotic mood. Something about the absurd prep time required for ribs or the homemade strawberry shortcake or even the exploded brat salad really hit it home for all those in the Sexton household. Even those that don’t live there all the time.

Everything started off with the wushu party on Friday night, after, well…wushu. We went over to Sarah’s house and caught up with Cheryl and a bunch of wushu peoples, O-Mei, USWA, even CMAI had people there. That was nice, it had a very non-political atmosphere going on. Things were still clickish, but some people were able to transcend the school barriers and intermingle and that made me happy. I was mostly sad that Lil Alex didn’t hang a big longer (had to go crabbing), and that I didn’t get to see Glenn too much. He seems to have his own posse these days. Oh, and his posse wears nice lactose shirts with a few popped collars. Was a pretty fun party, playing poker with a the trendy Asians and the wushu nerds was surprisingly fun, and I even got invites for a ‘real game’ which I politely turned down.

Saturday was BBQ #1: Experimental ribs. Kelly and I had tried ribs before in the oven. Well, by “Kelly and I” I mean Kelly. But the recipe wasn’t really all that, and well, the ribs were cooked completely indoors. This time was different, much more prep time, lots of cooking and basting and setting up and chilling and finally slapped on the grill outside and painted with homemade sauce. We had Stephon, Rong and Sarah over and they all agreed: the ribs were (on a scale from one to awesome) super great. The sauce was some apple cidar/vinegar/brownsugar nectar and the meat was so nice and tender. Kelly wins again. So much so that we went for the repeat with ribs on the 4th.

Sunday marked the start of demolition on the basement. The Destruction at truxion. Or, Kelly, Neal and Chris banging everything with a wrecking bar till it falls to the floor. We have to unfinish it if we want to refinish it. Currently there is a bare naked I-beam and a giant hole in the ceiling (thanks tom). I am sure destruction will continue for a while since I am working it in-between so many wushu workouts. But when you only have 4 weeks until TT you tend to neglect other things—no matter how much you want to finish this little basement project.

On the 4th I had an early training session at O-Mei with Sarah and Stephon (coach actually came to this one). We had our CQ forms pruned and trimmed down for time. She worked with us intently for some time, and I think I got some good out of it. So much so that I may have to skip the early training today so that I can let my body rest. My legs are week right now, my left calf is a little hurty (maybe from jump front-sit stance, maybe fatigue) and the right leg is just tired. I tried to do weighted pistols (with the light kettle) and the left was fine, but I struggled with the right. You know the jumping leg for all the wushu jumps. Right, right, back on track.

After the training we were having the official 4th of July Barbeque. I was able to drag Stephon and Sarah once they heard of the ribs repeat. We also had Neal (left over form the destruction at Truxion the night before), Chris W, Danny, Sean, Nina, and eventually Cheryl and her basement buddy mike. We all ate till we were overstuffed. Then we had a pull-up contest. Neal got runner up with 10 chins. I rocked the 15 but probably should of stopped earlier due to too many meat units in the belly.

The drive downtown wasn’t too bad, we took 395 and were tricked by 12th street and it’s little tunnel under the mall thing but eventually found a legit spot that the truck could fit into and made our way to wait in line for security. I took a chance and went into the natural history museum to see if I could make to though to the mall and sure enough, I could. So everyone tried to follow but the mean security man would not let us in with our picnic food. So Sean and I went back to the big line and made the big wait. Kelly and Neal found a spot and found some friends. Later on we moved down to get a better Fireworks watching spot but that kinda put a damper on the kicking of soccer balls. Great spot too. Oh, never try to give Sarah directions. We were on the national mall, you couldn’t ask for more landmarks, but she was creative in the interpretation of the meaning of things like Washington monument, the mall, the American history museum. She did prefer to use porta-potties as a reference, that and volleyball players.

Most impressive was the drive home, including a stop for to drop off the fellas in Ballston (and to make sissy) only took an hour and a half. Go team hip replacement!

And in closing: Crap Ninjas!