4-2 f

The destruction is now complete. Well, I think there is one piece of wood paneling left in the basement—the one around the breaker box—but that is hardly held up at all. Neal, Jonathan, Kelly and I finished the wall removal. Now that we have the studs and the utility room in view is feels much more unfinished down there. We also have a stack of 23 sheets of drywall and a new (to us) leather couch. I would like to do something to get some of the stuff out of there to make the work easier, but at this point, we may just be moving it around as we go. I hung the recessed lighting, and I am a little nervous about the placement, since it is easy to move them now, but a serious pain later if we change our minds. I also need to come up with a good solution for wiring the projector. Again, it is easy to run the wires but I am going to need a solution that would allow me to run more later. Right now, I am thinking of trying to rig something with the C-channel conduit I saw at home depot. Think server room. Just mount it on the ceiling next to the I beam, which would sort of hide it and I could leave a gap allowing me to get into the ceiling above to run the cables to the projector.

All the electoral stuff makes my head hurt. Too many options. I really should wire for speakers and Ethernet while I am at it.

I nearly skipped wushu on Sunday. With Dmitry, Josh and D’s big ol truck helping me get drywall home; and Tom and Meredith giving us their couch I really wanted to continue playing with my projects and enjoy the weather we were having. Eventually I did go and walk through some things, but not serious training.

I am feeling better about my forms, and I am at a point that I can concentrate on speed and flavor.

Saturday started with some early wushu, including training with Zach. Afterwards we hit up the diner for some tasty breakfast and dropped Jonathan back at O-Mei and headed home for the pre-baseball BBQ. We met up with the Tullos clan at the Nationals game with most of the Andersons in tow. Well, all the Andersons named Anderson. It was a fun and we had a wonderful time mocking the blue shirts. Giant hotdogs and a very warm metro ride just added that extra bit to the evening. Thank God we didn’t opt for the day game.