They had more than 5 flags there

We had a very good demo at 6 flags. One of the best demos we have done recently. There was not a lot of prep or complicated choreography, instead we started with a few jump combos (jump front, tornado, aerial) to get everyone’s attention (we did attract a bigger crowd) and moved into sections. Everyone did 2 sections of a form and we ended with Stephon and Jessica’s straight sword set (which was on FIRE!). We had their DJ spinning for us instead of putting our cheesy techno song on repeat which helped our presentation incredibly.

6 flags was more ghetto than I remember. Ghetto fabulous. But less fabulous. Sad thing was when we left to go see batman it appeared that we brought all the 6 flags visitors along with us. Because that was a G.F. crowd there. It also had something to do with no AC in the theater—which turned out ok by me because we got free tickets to come back. Sorry Neal, but we live closer.

Training harder. Our time is limited, TT is quickly approaching, and this is makign my uneasy. I have been getting more and more consistant on my bt-xfj540 so hopefully I will have that down in time to submit the forms. I am gonna miss spear class this week for a happy hour I need to attend, so hopefully I can sneak in some of the earlier training soon.