The weekend of 6 events.

I was exhausted last night. When we finally got home Kelly was heading in and I was unloading the car. She announced that Jennifer had been there, pointing out that she could tell because the dead bolt had been locked. After a second of fiddling with her keys Jennifer opened the door. We then simultaneously announced the painfully obvious fact that Jennifer was still there. She had finished her video and was trying to burn it to disk. So I helped her with that. TI was taking a long time, so she went home to check with the ‘rents, and came back later. It was maybe 1/8 of the way finished so I told her to go home and come back in the morning. By this point I was struggling to stay awake, but fumbled through it and my hyper (caffeine induced) wife helped me verify that everything was working. So I got everything burned and exported to the camera. Jennifer just popped over before school at the horrible, horrible time of 6:40.

The 6 events.

Game Night

Well, there weren’t any games so it was more of a welcome back party for Lord and Lady McPenberthy (of monopuss manor). Even though Kelly insists that it be septopuss, I like monopuss, with the emphasis on the ‘no’. We got to see a bunch of wedding and honeymoon pictures on Danny’s bright shiny new TV. I really want to go to the turkey cakes islands.

The Wedding

For Kelly’s coworker. Congrats to Jamie and Michelle. A lot of alcohol related props (the favors, the place cards, the drinks), and a crazy group of people. It would have been more fun but I did just come from…

The Funeral

Toby Elmore didn’t have a funeral, it was a goin’ home party. The service resembled more of a praise service. Everything was beautiful and touching. Everyone was very supportive of Sommer and there was a feeling of sadness and hope. Much better situation than pure sadness. I wanted to tell Sommer more, like if she needed anything she could just ask, and that we were here for her and that God loves her and Toby is happy now; but all I got out was a rough “Hi…” and I couldn’t even finish the syllable with out my voice cracking. So I gave her a big hug and let her get back to her family. I really just spent the rest of the day thinking about Sommer and Bailey.

Birthday brunch

The next day we started off on a much happier note, taking my Mom to brunch at the Jefferson hotel. While it was not cheap, it was totally worth it. Amazing food, and we had a great time chowing down.

Family Picnic

Picnic, pool party what have you. We stopped by the Wilson’s house and decided that we needed to go out to grandma’s to check out the new pool. Put on our trunks and headed out. The water was amazing, the backyard was great, and se had lots of fun splashing around. It was very nostalgic for me and Nikki to be swimming underwater with masks on—just like our old pool in cali.

Dinner for Coach

Hopped out of the pool, and right on to the freeway. We drove straight up to NoVA and went directly to the restaurant, arriving just in time for dinner. I thought it was going to be coach’s sisters restaurant, but we went to Sweetwater instead. I was there when this was decided, but had promptly forgotten. Coach and Debbie got ribs and I had the joy of explaining that you are supposed to eat them with your fingers and this knife and fork thing was just silly. Kelly had a couple of glasses of Tea to contribute to her aforementioned hyperness.

And for some reason I was a little sleepy that night.