Smells like China

Li Ying Kui has gutted and remade my forms. The rules for this year are so confusing, I am starting to think that no one is going to get things right. The major changes have been with my chang quan form, since that is the only one with the new nandu requirements. And even then, it is only A and B level movements, so we have special circumstances (like allowing the same nandu twice) due to the lack of C level.

I like most of the changes, but some things are just annoying. He yanked my butterfly-butterfly twist-split. It was my best trick. Put in a bunch of XFJ’s and Jump front kicks instead. I understand you gotta play the game to the rules, but we think the rules make for a silly looking form.

I must get twist-XFJ540-mabu. This is my goal for the next month. I hit it last night pretty solid, but was crazy inconsistent. Rotation is not the problem, I can make it past the 540 by more than π/1.9, but hitting the landing is a totally different story. Part of the problem is I lean on the landing like I would (should?) for a 360, so I want to fall back on the 540. LYK even went as far as to say I should just do a 720. Something about a little more rotation and the landing would be easy. Ha! Easy for him to say.

Training has been hard core recently. Unfortunately a lot of that is because of the heat. O-Mei feel, smells and looks like china now. No A/C, burning those mosquito coil smoke things, everyone very sweaty (read: B.O.), LYK’s cigarettes, and the everlasting humidity and heat. Who needs China. No one speaks English there anymore.