Kelly is officially exhausted.

She hasn’t stayed home for more than one night for nearly two weeks. I talked to her this morning and she sounded like she wanted to cry but was simply too tired. Not one of those tired because she needs 8 hours of sleep kinds, more like she need 5 or 6 days of monotonous easiness to recover.

Last night for dinner I had cheese balls and chocolate chip cookies. I blame Tom and Meredith equally. Tom gave me cheese balls and Mer made the cookies.

The wedding couldn’t have gone better. All the activities were a bit overwhelming, but in the end a good time. I went to great adventure (rode the world’s tallest and fastest coaster), skipped on striper fishing, rehearsal dinner, played some late-night no-money poker, went bowling, was in the wedding, partied at the reception, reeked havoc at the hotel bar and went to Atlantic City (where we were too tired to gamble).

Traffic was good both ways, the only problems we had were driving around in NJ. I do not like the directional dependency that NJ streets have—so many jersey walls (there they just call them walls) and jug handles. If you see a store on the other side of the road you would like to visit, well too bad, wait for another. ‘Cause it is not worth the 20 minutes it would take to get over there.

Happy things from this weekend:

Gerald came up.
Kelly and Helen getting along so well.
Not a drop of rain until all the pictures were taken.
5 people balling their eyes out at the head table during the toasts.
Danny’s tricky dance (the song wasn’t long enough).
Re-alphabetizing Helen’s DVD collection.
Jeannie delivering her vows louder than dirk.
The U-F-Oh My God (AKA the Disk’O on the steel pier).
Mrs. McHugh smacking Danny’s hung-over head.
Jeannie’s dress.
Calling Lance “Bubbles”.*
NIN’s Closer at the reception.
Wearing a tux to the brunch.
Videographer filming bowling shenanigans (specifically the wave with the cross bowling action)
4, count ‘em 4 flower girls.

  • Just in case I don’t remember this is from trying to hand Lance the bubbles the flower girls handed me. I was handing them to him and said “bubbles?” to which he responded “Are you calling me bubbles?” Now that I think about it I guess I was. Lance is a cool guy.

Pictures to come.