Cat bat

I had a very strange dream last night. It feels almost real, like a memory that happened a few yeas back. But I don’t remember remembering it yesterday so I think it was a dream last night. Early in the dream we were talking about how the bats were out tonight, and they were everywhere. During a course of events I am very fuzzy on I wound up in my car, at night, looking out the window. I noticed a bat high up near the tops of the trees. And in a very frightening disturbing and real way it swooped down and smacked into my driver side window. It didn’t scare be and just sorta clung to the window screeching and carrying on. I recall I tapping the glass to get its attention. The strange thing was it was bout the size of a cat, a smaller one like Henry, and had a very cat like head. The rest of much more bat like.

I think the strange thing is how vivid the memory/dream is. Maybe this is telling me I should go see batman.

Training is going, some stuff I want to change back after Li Ying Kue modified my forms, mostly because I had the coordination to do the old movements and the new ones will take more practice time than I have before TT. I am working my b-twist to XFJ540 and I am nearly there, I need to squeak out like 15 or 20 degrees of rotation to insure I don’t get deducted. Same with my jump outside. I have been getting the rotation more consistently but it is still not up to the level I want. Really sucks because the 18th of next month we have to submit out forms with the exact nandu we will be performing. So I better get consistent at all these tricks ASAP or I am going to have to cut them.