Basement Planning

Serious planning on the basement has begun. Kelly and I are getting excited and went to start on the work, but at this point I am getting a bit nervous because I know once I start I will not want to finish until I am done. That concerns me because team trials are about a month a way—39 days (!)—and I should really concentrate on that. I was so close last time that I think I should really put my effort into trying to make this stupid team so that I can, oh I don’t know, justify the last 5 years.

The fun part is we are going to relocate the bar. The new location was mostly due to plumbing reasons, but I really think the new location will be a better one. Reason #1: you will not see the bar when you walk in, it will be behind you to the left but the weights and the TV area will be ahead and to the right, thusly pulling you attention politely away. This is good because I do not want a room in my house centered on drinking. And the current bar—which slaps you in the face when you walk in (a good 70’s mature film kinda slap)—is the most predominate and overwhelming feature to the basement now. Let’s not talk about how it lunges out at you.

I did a sweet little ¾ iso drawing of the new bar, but the floor plan will have to do until I can scan it in.