Vegas baby

This last weekend was a lot of firsts. First real bachelor party would do that I guess. I think in the end I was a little bitter I never had one, even though I don’t think I would want one on quite the same scale as this.

I think we put an end to the single life of our friend properly.

photoWhen we first got there we found Batchelor #1’s brother and they wanted to gamble after we had our dinner but D and I didn’t think that was such a fun idea so we decided to see what we could find on the strip. So we walked it. The whole thing-twice! It was something like 3 or 4 hours of going into hotel after hotel and discovering yet another casino exactly like the one before. We were at a loss, wanted to find something different but it all seemed to be the same. Walking directly out of the frontier everything to the right was Disneyland and to the left was a Boardwalk at the shore.

photoThe next day we spent the morning on the phone trying to find golf. After a bunch of calls and enlisting help from Roommates back home and local cousins we found a public course and for about $100 we were able to play 18 holes. Even got a cart. I got really good at getting in and out while it was still in motion. It took nearly 6 and a half hours for us to finish, we were really slow golfers. But to our credit there was the pool girls and the cats. The cats were the cool part.

Picture the African wilderness, or a safari special on the discovery channel, the lionesses stalking gazelle. Well replace that exact image with two house cats on a golf course stalking some pigeons. We had a couple of seasoned hunters mocking the felines for their lack of cover, stalking in the open until on of the birds gets spooked and starts to take off, so the cat rushes. Leaps up and snatches a creature of nearly its own size right out of the air. Everyone was awe struck. Except me, I saw a little stalking and the cat running a ways with a flapping bird in its clutches but the cool part happened during my back swing.

photoWe wondered to a few casinos and even checked out the brand new Wynn hotel before grabbing lunch. Afterwards we gambled a bit, hung around and eventually went to a…um…bar and got the man some pricy drinks. It was a long night, and for some it involving some sleeping on the cold bathroom tile.

Overall it was pretty good. I am a real conservative (read: boring) gambler, but I did have company. At one point we tried to get change for two (count ‘em two!) dimes so we could play nickel slots. The casino didn’t take dimes.

I liked playing Pi Gao Poker, and the first night I laid down a whopping fourty bucks and came out with sixty. The next day I returned to the same table and promptly lost my fresh new $20. So I would have broke even had it not been for a dollar in change (which was given to me) that I was able to turn into ten on some quarter slots. That, sir, was just silly. I was laughing the entire time. Which form what I could tell was not the normal thing to do while at the slots. We tried to slouch and look disinterested, but we thought it was too damn funny.

Right before our flight back we saw Ka. I really liked it. It had a lot of wushu and the stage/auditorium was amazing. Honestly I like their traveling shows better. And I think it is because it puts more emphasis on the performer’s skill and not the technical marvels that large sums of money can build. The wushu was good, and when we were not wasting time on plot development I was very entertained. Those shadow puppets were unbelievable. I don’t care what anyone else says, I liked the baton girl—contact juggling with a baton is coolness in my book.

Red eye flights suck. It was nearly as bad as the flight to china. Monday afterwards was a very rough day.

“But I don’t want to get tazered!”