The nicest hotel in DC

I spent the better part of my Saturday in the basement back room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC. We hung out at O-Mei for quite some time after the Saturday class, during which time Kelly and the McHugh’s got to take a super fun trip to Fuddruckers. Eventually everyone we needed showed up and we were able to drive on up to the metro. Stephon and I got the illustrious position of playing parents to 5 energy filled (mostly) Chinese wushu kids. It was not a calm quiet metro ride. But we did have a hang from the bar contest. Peter won.

We eventually showed up at the hotel, met with the lady that was organizing the entire thing and she showed us to our little back room, and promised to bring us some food. The food never showed but we had managed to change into our silks, and go out and find some cater waiters to steal food from. As time rolled on, and we noticed we had been in that little back room for a few hours we decided to bring up the 6:30 start time that was given on the schedule. Instead we got told we go on at 8:20 and had a repetitive explanation of how the schedule page was formatted for extra confusion.

We found the stage manager at this point. Asked for food. So as he ran like crazy through the halls we tried to gather the rest of the kids together. Who, upon hearing we had acquired more food decided that they would quickly consume the delicious horderves they had pilfered form the kitchen. I noticed once we got in the elevator that not everyone had come along, instead they were headed the wrong direction through the crowded cocktail room. Yelling for them to come back at a prim and proper black tie affair was only slightly awkward. Eventually we found our way to room 311 and got some Styrofoam containers full of food. The rumbling in my belly rejoiced. We went back to the room and cracked them bad boys open. It was full of cold un-good Chinese food. I ate some of my chicken and rice and my hardboiled tea egg, but I didn’t like it too much. Eventually we sent some ninjas on a mission and they returned with 2 plates full of the food they were serving for the main function. Tasty salmon and some super good chicken. Portions were small, but we were fairly full from the not-so-good stuff.

Almost as soon as we ate we were called up for our flag holding job. We rearranged, reviewed exactly how we were going to do it (we had rehearsed this to death, all we were going to do was hold some flags, well we were going to do it flawlessly). As we lined up back stage for the last time the stage manager changed everything. Didn’t matter too much because no one told the MC, who would of screwed us up no matter if we did our originally rehearsed plan on this last minute one that was dumped on us. It wasn’t our fault that is looked busted, but it was still us up on stage looking confused.

We waited and exceptionally long time in our little room for everyone to gather their stuff and change. We finished up our stay with 3 of our kids attempting to run up the escalator the wrong way. One of the girls fell right as she was reaching the top. Security never approached us, but then again I sorta headed straight outside as this was going on.

Long, but much more calm metro ride home.