Ryan’s Wedding

The weekend was nuts.

We started out by getting up and heading over to the Dougherty’s for breakfast. It was a tidal wave of breakfast fun. Breakfast Burritos, Waffles, Bacon, Sausage, Bagels—you name it. After stuffing our selves we hopped in the Jetta and headed south. Drive down was pretty nice, no where near the 4 hours that the mean neighbor insisted.

A bit of excitement on 295 though. Went zipping past a speed trap. Checked the rear view mirror and the cop started to roll. Damn. We got over and slowed down nice and polite. The first of the 3 cars in that were in our bunch was long gone; I think he stepped on it when he saw the cop roll. We got over to the right lane; the red car behind us was in the next one over. The cop pulled up next to us and we thought we were done for. We slowed down and he stayed with the red car and it’s huge rottweiler (head out the window, giving the cruiser a mean look) and pulled them. Tom cheered, I was still shaking, and we were very conservative for the rest of the drive.

We got down, got the room and got Chic-Fil-a. Got it? Eventually we found the rest of the coworker peoples, well, ex-coworkers. Hung out for a while and eventually we all went and got ready for the wedding.

The actual ceremony was a nice polite protestant wedding. We jumped in the cars and rushed back to the hotel, calling the cabs on the way. Three cabs was overkill, I think. And they all were going off about how far the trip was. It was a total of 9 miles, and they were bitching saying “yeah, maybe once you get to that town”. In the end it was 9 miles and less than $20 a cab ride.

photoLeah’s Parent’s house was amazing. It was right on the Chesapeake Bay with the entire backyard being a peninsula that jutted out into the bay. It was gorgeous, sail boats anchored just off shore and a little boat house bar for her dad. They had a band and a dance floor set up in the back, just a few feet form the water, tents for sitting, and tents full of food. My personal favorite was the tend with the local BBQ place serving some tasty grub.

The combination of the cold and the open bar lead to a good deal of silliness. I got into the habit of ordering cocktails with out ice so that we wouldn’t get any colder. Eventually they kicked in and we were no longer cold. That also lead to dancing, which I am sure helped keep us warm.

We sent the couple off on their boat with sparklers. Well, we were playing with sparklers when they got on their boat and left. I believe that Tom liked his.

I called a couple of cabs, and we piled in. The verdict for my cab was to go back to the hotel, the other one was going out for seconds. I didn’t hear from them again till they called me at 4am telling me to come down and hang out. I declined.

It was a good thing we headed back to the hotel, people were not feeling well. Most of us just needed to lie down, some needed to spend some quality time curled up in the fetal position in a bathtub.