Once every 7000 years

Does Cinco de Mayo fall on the fifth day of the week on the fifth year of the century. We celebrated by going to Tom’s drinking some customized margaritas and grating enormous amounts of cheese. We also watched two hours of the O.C. and Kelly convinced they Dougherty’s that I love that show. No matter what I say, to them, I love it.

Damn you the O.C.! First it was some music, but now you have ruined my reputation.

Shhh, don’t you worry, I did train at 4. However coach and Stephon didn’t show up, so it was just me. And Johnson, but he was pretending to be a librarian. I actually trained fairly hard, and I wanted to train with the intermediate class, but coach was preoccupied with some phone calls and Stephon didn’t run the class in a manner conducive to me working in. I did come up with some new choreo in spear to help my section 2-3 transition. More throws for me.

Demo at the Mandarin Oriental tomorrow.