I should have stayed at work.

So the day was going pretty well. I did decide to go to the client in the city and there was heavy traffic, but the morning went fairly well. We even went to get some Thai food for lunch.

But then I had to leave early for the Dentist. I was scheduled for a cleaning, and I figured I would go ahead and get the impressions for the night guard that he wanted me to get. First up was the impressions, administered by a big tuff lady who commented that I had “woohooo quite and arch” and went and got these huge metal trays to fill full of pink rubbery goo and shove in my mouth. I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant when she started asking about my gag reflex. I concentrated and was able to suppress any unwanted reflexes but the experience was fairly unpleasant—especially when she was trying to remove the tray around my upper teeth, it really felt like she was going to yank all my teeth out of the top. That would have made for a great day.

The cleaning was uneventful. It is never fun to have someone scrape your teeth with that metal thing only to follow up by cutting your lips and gums with their bully tactics flossing technique.

Then I was faced with the bill. A whopping $680 for the night guard. They told me a year ago that it was going to be about $100. I was not too happy about this. I didn’t raise too much of a fuss, but I was very upset. I wanted to keep my $700. But no. I volunteered to have them take it away.

I tried to call Kelly. Didn’t answer. I tried again she answered but was preoccupied at what ever she was doing at work (sounded like a loud meeting). I shouted some curse words, which helped a little. As I was sitting in traffic on my way to O-Mei I decided to bail into 7 corners for coffee and I guess the lady could tell I was upset, so she gave me a free drink. I didn’t even realize it at first and tried to pay the guy. I did go find her again and tell her thanks. Everything was good until the caffeine from that drink wore off. We had a great spear class. I went and got some food and come back for the 7 o’clock class. Everything was going well until I was on my 3rd rotation of section 1 in sword. I went to jump for the butterfly and my calf had a very noticeable pain. Then the twist. Yep sure hurts. I made doubly sure by doing the jump outside. Didn’t land it real well and sorta hopped off the floor. That was it for me that night. I iced it a little and stretched. I headed home very annoyed at the lost $700 and the possibility that I may not be training anymore this week.

I rolled up to the house and heard the smoke detector going off. So I flipped. I ran in, no smoke. Ran upstairs, no smoke. The smoke alarm was going going off. I actually couldn’t tell where the alarm was coming from. I went back to the main floor. It was louder down there, but still couldn’t tell where it was coming from. With my powers of deduction I determined it must be downstairs. I entered the utility room and yep, it was there. The carbon monoxide detector. I gathered up the cats and hurried up stairs. Called Kelly who happened to be with my parents and asked what I should do. I knew it had something to do with checking the furnace-which hasn’t been run in weeks, but I was at a loss. Once I was talking on the phone with my dad I went back down to inspect. I figured if I passed out he could call some nice emergency response team to come get me.

I reentered the utility room and shut the door behind me to make sure the cats couldn’t follow me in. I did notice a strange smell, but it is the utility room so I don’t think too much of it. I inspect the furnace, and check out the hot water heater. Everything looks normal. Electronic ignition. No smell of gas. I look over next to the washer and dryer and notice that there is blue paint on the floor. The strangest thing. It is bright blue, not like any paint we have. I also notice there are dead bugs in it. How reassuring. I dab my finger in it and very cautiously smell it. Tide. It is a bunch of Tide Laundry detergent. We had a huge thing of liquid tide sitting on the back of the dryer and it kinked the container making a hole. You would be surprised how much floor space 2.65 gallons of tide can cover with a quarter inch of detergent. I start pulling back the carpet. It is everywhere, under the washer dryer, under the big cooler, and some buckets. I grab the broom and try to sweep it. It was a stroke of genius really, to choose the broom. When there was a perfectly good mop in the room too, but I opted for the broom. In the end it was more fun because it caused way more suds. And after a day like this I needed some bubbles to make things better.

While cleaning while on the phone was fun I decided it was getting late so I should run to Target and get a new carbon monoxide detector. I didn’t know how old the current one was and thought it would be a good test. So I went and got one, and picked up a coily hose for the front yard while I was out. Went and paid. Came home. Noticed that the old one was going off again. I took the hose out of the bag and the detector was not in it. So I went back to target, getting there just as they were about to close and got it from the nice lady in the service center. Returned home and plugged it in. No sounds. I figured it might take a few min, but nothing. Waited a bit more, occasionally going down stairs to check the digital readout, which continued to read zero. So I finally got to work cleaning up the Tide. Even got to use my new hose. Le me tell you, a painted concrete floor gets real slippery when you spray water on the ¼ inch of detergent. I used the broom to sweep it toward the recently unclogged drain. The jet setting on the sprayer and combined with the intermittent sweeping actions on my part resulted in suds of bubble bath proportions. I had fun trying to flush off the floor, while keeping the water away from the carpet and other clothes and trying to direct it in the direction of the drain. The designers of the house probably thought it would be funny to slope the floor behind the washer and dryer to a spot a bout 2 feet in front of the dryer next to the wall. It all wanted to pool there. So I swept it away. I tried to sweep behind the dryer and decided the only way to get everything up was to move the dryer. A super slippery floor, combined with my soap covered hands and feet made moving the smooth metal dryer tricky. But I did it and was able to spray and spray away the detergent. I decided to put it back in place and move the washer next. The washer is much heavier. In fact with my current Mu-sub-S I was unable to move it but an inch or two. I was however able to place it directly on top of my big toe. You don’t tend to remember that you have no friction the help out when you are in a pain induced scramble to save a toe.

Eventually I just get tired and stop. Standing on the slippery concrete makes my back get real tight and my calf wasn’t too happy with having to do stuff. So I just went to bed.

I guess toxic fumes make cats hyper because they decided to do wind sprints from the office to the bedroom. I shut the door. I’d be willing to bet it was Amp that hit it.