Coach tried to kill me

My shoulder still bothers me some, and sword is by far the hardest on it. I have to have alot of movements that require me to have my arm rotated medially and extended and that is pretty much the only thing that hurts. Surprisingly spear does not hurt. Bench press does.

Coach tried to kill me yesterday. Me and Stephon, actually. We showed up to train in the afternoon and stuck with spear the entire time. Coach was a little late but we were warmed up and ready to go when she walked in the door. We started with two whole line drills and went right into sections. Started with triple section fours. Then moved onto two sections. I seriously thought I was going to vomit. It was harder than any of the team stuff form two years ago, because there was only two of us. Shaky, weak, nauseating, super fun.

I then taught an intro lesson and trained at 7. I was supposed to go to gymnastics, Tom and Vyvy both said they were going to go, but by the end I was dead, and Vyvy didn’t push for it so I didn’t make it.

Work is actually going fairly well, this “hey this guy is leaving so you get a pseudo-promotion and lots of work” thing is surprisingly good. Maybe it’s just the office. The big-lonely-all-by-my-self-but-with-a-place-for-someone-else-to-sit office. Well I don’t talk about work here so n’mind.

I now have 7 min to decide: Italian, Chicken Parm (today’s special) or Other. Honestly, WWRE. And don’t say salad bar, please. I think I am getting tired of iced tea.