Skipped wushu last night, to hang out with Kelly and stop by tom’s new place.

But I did start a new leg program (Pavel’s hot wheels by summer) so I don’t feel like too much of a slacker. My upper left hamstring is a little sore today, however I think that may just be a wushu injury aggravated by lifting. I’ll take it easy tonight in spear class (none of those half split movements I have in my form), and I won’t be going before classes to train with Stephon. But I will be in spear class and it’s gonna be fast-hands for me. Oh, Stephon showed coach Shi Kun’s 2004 spear form and she seems to think that would be a good one for me, which I find funny because my first section used to be based entirely on his. When I explained this to coach she said that I must have done a poor job copying it. Don’t know if I am going to try to change mine, because I am starting to get used to it and it is all original. And original is better than biting from some Chinese guy. Even if that Chinese guy is my wushu hero.

Tom’s house was really nice. But Tom and Meredith didn’t let us help out with anything, which is the main reason we went over there. I realize they were being nice by not asking for help, but that’s how we got everything done on our house when we moved in so I figure I owe it to help people out with theirs. Something trite like pay-it-forward/sew-as-you-reap/karma. They need to get a puppy now, methinks. Oh, and a trampoline.

Kelly is going to NJ this weekend, which sucks. I hope I get my truck back before this weekend, ‘cause that has sucked too. Get this: I have not had my truck for as long as I have had it. Assuming you don’t count the time I didn’t have it when I had it. I will buy the parts and take them there. C’mon peoples.