Signs You’re at a Geek Bachelor Party
11. The guys spend three hours breadboarding an LED counter to keep track of how many shots the bachelor drinks.
10. Someone yells “first post,” but they aren’t reading slashdot.
9. Everyone refers to each other by their instant messenger names.
8. You give the groom “Sam’s Teach Yourself Tantric Love-making in 28 Days.”
7. You are the only human male in a hot tub full of female Klingons, but you are skinnier than all of them.
6. None of the friends are able to provide the groom with any first-night tips based on their own experience.
5. When the stripper asks, if you have protection, you show her your firewall.
4. Someone yells “bang tail” in order to indicate a shell command should be repeated in order to view a log file.
3. The stripper trips over lan cables and breaks her leg.
2. Attendees reminisce about the good times they had in Ultima Online.
1. Frequent cries of “I’m going to shoot Magic Missiles at the darkness!

’s 11, 10, 4 and 1: classic. Needed some H*R related ones too.

More like you write a book about comeback jokes. NERD!