Spring forward to grilling.

By far the best part of this week was playing hooky from wushu and busting out the lump charcoal, the stove pipe starter and the grill. I just decided I needed another day of rest and some time to chill with Kelly. While we were discussing what we were going to do for the evening at the grocery store (which I volunteered to go to, BTW) we decided we needed to have the first grill of ought-five. We called Tom and He was all about it, so he dragged Meredith out of bed came over. I think the girls had one burger and one dog each, so Tom and I polished off a solid 9 units of grilled meat foods.

We didn’t even make it inside with the food. We weren’t outside either. Mostly we sat in the doorway for the sliding glass door and ate. The Bar and plenty of stools and lawn chairs were near by, but we had our priorities.

Yesterday was a bit more eventful. And by eventful a lot of unfun things happened. I put kelly’s gym bag and her suitcase in her car to be nice. I didn’t put her laptop bag in there, assuming we didn’t want to leave that in the car overnight. Apparently she does that now. About the time I got to Ballston I got a call pointing out that I didn’t put her laptop bag in her car. Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. Um, she didn’t put it in either, which I didn’t know, and drove to Richmond. She sent some emails and found a nice co worker to bring it down to her. Only problem was I had to drive form Ballston to burke to McLean to get it to her buddy. I like to call him Rajie. Work was lacking as Dr. Ross said he is going to be a super nerd, dumb ben (笨) officially announced his intentions to break up with us.

I finally wrapped things up by getting to wushu early hanging out and doing sword class. Decent class, and coach actually had some good corrections there at the end for my sections. The gist: go faster. That simple.