I skipped wushu last night to let my calf recover.

Instead I lifted in the afternoon with the workers and then hit up home depot for some lawn care stuff. Grass seed, fertilizer, ant killer, the usual.

Headed home to find that Ben beat me there—which I expected. The plan was to install his XM antenna and wash my car. Once we went to work on his XM stuff we got carried away and I knew I wasn’t going to wash my car. So I think at this point Ben owes me a car washing. But I was pretty happy with the quality of the installation, it was nice and clean. The antenna wire was run very well hidden, as we popped off numerous interior body panels and shoved it up in the ceiling. Wiring the power was a bit more of a hack, but we crimped in the connections to the cigarette lighter and the power outlet on the dash, I would have preferred to splice into the back of the radio (radio stuff wired into the radio, makes since), but didn’t want to screw up the radio attempting to splice things in. Part of the problem is I don’t know if there is a way to splice things other than to cut them and crimp them back together. I would have preferred to solder it, but I don’t like the idea of soldering anything while it is in the dash of a car. Oh, and I want one of them cold heat soldering irons.

Eventually we were able to trick Tom into coming over simply by telling him to come over a bunch of times. Either that or his wife fell asleep and he was bored. We went to Armand’s and got pizza and wings. Proper way of finishing up a night of skipping wushu.