Parents, Beej, Tom’s Microwave

This weekend was nice save for the pain in my shoulder*.

My parents called Saturday morning and said they wanted to come up for lunch. They didn’t want to stay too long, but that worked out because we were planning to have dinner with Beej and fam that night. So the ‘rents came up and we had a nice dinner at Sweetwater. My father said that we should be able to do the bar sink with out too much trouble, which is some good news. He also said we should be seeing some grass sprout in the back yard this week, so I am on the look out for new growth.

Went over to Beej and Katie’s and as an added bonus Andy and Anne were down form NY so they went with use to dinner. Austin Grill had a huge wait and we had an infant, so we went to Tiyuki Grill instead. From the sound of it (and the sushi posters) I thought it was going to be a Japanese restaurant, but I overheard them and it was Chinese. So I put down the confusing English menu and just started asking if they had what Kelly and I wanted. Gan bian si ji dou and tui pi niu, plus I completely understood talking the lady. I left there with a bunch of impressed college buddies and a swollen head. I must be allergic to tui pi niu and it caused my head to swell up.

Sunday we owned Tom’s microwave. Well Tom owns it, but we schooled it in…it being installed…by us. Installation was much easier than I thought it was going to be. Tom called me over to help, mostly to take care of the electrical wiring. I must say I am really proud of the installation now that is it finished. We got a socket box, a socket, and a face plate from Home Depot and wired them up as per the instructions on the lil box (the bare wire to the green screw). Now that everything is finished I really feel like it was a professional quality wiring job. Heck, the only less the professional aspect to the entire project was the drilling of a dozen holes in an inch-and-a-half circle on the cabinet shelf to cram the microwave’s power cable through. And that was only because we didn’t have a 2″ drill bit. Looks good, matches the brand and the color of the rest of the appliances. IMO, makes the rest of the appliances look newer and nicer.

  • I don’t know what I did to tweak it, but it was hurting all weekend and it felt pretty good this morning till I tried to bench press. Hurts when I raise my arms out to the side with my elbow bent and the arm forward palm down.