From chicken parm to twinkimisu

Work has been crazy, one guys quits an inevitably all the stuff he was working on has issues. Well, maybe not all, but 3 of the big programs. And because of this I haven’t had time to write about Monday.

Monday I wound up skipping wushu because of my shoulder, and since I was home tom decided to run over to my house and I could drive him back. I got over there and eventually called Kelly and said she should just come on over. Meredith made Chicken Parm, and no matter what she says I liked it. It included sitting around on the kitchen floor eating chips and queso as well as large ass-welts from pasta fazzoli. On Tom and Meredith was the one wielding the aforementioned pasta fork. Afterwards Mer made us go get some ice cream, and I called Ross to see if that would fall under the WWRE plan. No dice. I announced to everyone in dairy queen that Ross won’t let us eat ice cream. I just has some of Kelly’s so that clearly doesn’t count.

I trained a little in the afternoon on Tuesday but my shoulder was hurting so I didn’t train at night. Instead I went running, lifted and then went to gymnastics with Tom. I hadn’t been to the gym in a while and Tom mostly wanted to play so that is what we did. It included things like running down the power tumbling strip and abruptly falling on the mats at the end. Carlos strapped Tom into the spotting belt and had him practice back tucks. He can do a back flip pretty easy, but wanted to make it a cleaner back tuck. This also lead to a couple of interesting crashes later. Front tucks off the power tumbling strip over large foam stuff was fun.

Wednesday I trained at night and didn’t have too much to put into it. My calves were very sore from running and my shins were killing e from all the front tucks. But I made it out and moaned about my soleuses (Ooohh, my soleuses…). Shoulder was my real concern and it was fine.

Yesterday I trained with Stephan in the afternoon and I was feeling pretty good. He was a fairly grumpy because (in a strange turn of events) the one that was hurt. We think it is Achilles tendonitis—and he just kept saying how he didn’t need this now. We have competition soon. I could relate. Spear was good and coach pushed pretty hard. The 2 full sets at the end were killer; I thought I was going to throw up.

I actually felt pretty good and hung around at O-Mei for a while. But we were planning on grilling again so I wound up leaving around 6. I gave the wife a call and was actually ahead of her, went to the grocery store and I still beat her home. Kelly and Meredith made Twinkimisu for desert. Not the recipe like we saw on TV—more like a tasty Twinkie ice cream, with a hint of coffee.