Dumb, but ok

I dropped 85lbs of iron plates this morning. Made a horrific crash. Really loud. Seriously spooked the cats, they freaked out and got all poofy in the tail. They were also very suspicious of each other.

I was simply unracking the weights from the bar not thinking at all. So once I removed all the plates from one side the other was heavier than the bar and decided to slowly drop until the bar on my side hit the celing (the low part where the I-beam is), at which point the plates slid off the bar, bounced off the wall (I got the big black streaks to prove it) and crashed on top of the kettle bells and the dumbells I have piled up down there. No one got hurt. Kelly got a little scared but I yelled out “I’m ok” and followed it with a soft spoken “dumb, but ok”.

We all know the lesson here: never lift with cats. The only exception being Ampere flys.