Bye bye Ben

Last night was fun.

Sort of a pregoing away for Ben. We came back to my place to washed and waxed our trucks before I had to run off to wushu. Ben went over and hung at Tom’s new place (which reminds me I need to change my answering machine) while I trained. By the time I was able to get back home Kelly was up from Richmond and lightly toasted. They already had the grill going and we were prepping for some serious eating. Something like 23 meat units. It was great hanging out in the basement.

I think Kelly was rather annoyed at my gym in her media room. I walked in the door and the first thing I heard was that the rack was BIG. I think she cam around and once I was able to begin the cost offsetting by getting Josh to buy a bunch of plates, a barbell and 4 (count ‘em 4) dumbbell handles for a mere $50. Yeah, they might be used weights, but they are still heavy.

Wushu was actually pretty good. I wanted to take it easy on the nandu because my calf still feels a little discomfort. But I eased up on any left leg jumps (read: aerials) and was able to do a-twists with no pain. I was very happy we started with sections 3 and 4 as those gave me time to get psyched up before doing 1 and 2 with all their difficulty. Couple of things I need to work on: Jump side rotation must make the full 540, i’ve been a little shy on when I go for the mabu landing. A-twist must get vertical, I have been tending to lean on it some, the right leg is vertical but the left tends to go around on the side. And Qipo. Yeah, yeah—well it still needs work.

China trip is looking very shaky (no word on TT). And coach is flying in some fancy pants rules/choreo/nandu coach for some extended private training, so that may be my china trip this year. Bah. (However that means seeing Kelly AND training)