Baseball and BBQ

Baseball, yard work, wushu and even a little charcoal scorched food.

Yep, it was a good weekend. I think it was Friday and Kelly started stressing over when we were going to get some time to hang out with each other, thinking the weekend was booked and we were going to repeat a Tuesday-Wednesday on a Saturday-Sunday (!). But then came baseball, Danny and Chris gave us their tickets for the second home game and it was a chilly night but a total blast. When we left the Nats were up 9-0, and the final score was 9-3. Stupid Arizona, they were supposed to get shutout. It was just me and the wife, plus some hotdogs (which took some serious conviction to stand in line for)

Kelly’s concern was because she was originally she was supposed to be in Waldorf Saturday day and in Baltimore on Sunday night. Luckily we had some good old baseball time Saturday but she was going to miss the grilling with Tom, Meredith, Ben and Ben. She was able to get out of going to Baltimore, which is a damn good thing because the house was a wreck and she cleaned it while I tore up the yard. Plus she was able to see everyone when they came over. Too bad Tom and Mer didn’t make it, they had some sort of painting-the-bathroom mishap and were working past midnight. The rest of us had a decent time and we even had a bonus Sean since he came over to help me with the yard.

Sean was bored Saturday evening and came over to play with the cats. Who apparently do not deal with intruders in any assertive way. Sean had to go looking for them and was only able to track down Ampere. Henry came wondering out after a little while to see what all the noise was about. This blossomed into playing some ratchet and clank, which I am sure was thrilling for the cats. That bloomed into motion sickness and Sean decided that was enough of that.

Mario is back at O-Mei, and we are all making an assertive effort to keep the competitive people tight and on good terms. Everyone is training hard now, and adding another good and serious wushu freak to the mix is only a good thing. Working on nandu a lot and right now I am feeling pretty good, my only real complaint is my shins. I am trying some running technique changes and jump rope to see if I can help that. I didn’t realize it until recently but my form for running is disgusting—especially in wushu. Mostly just pound the hell out of my heels, which cannot help my lower legs. I have noticed that when I jump rope I really feel the muscles where my shins hurt (more of a burn than a hurt type of feel). So I am going to try to build up nice and slowly to some slow running and jump roping while concentrating on being light and controlling my form. I will prolly keep up with my KB foot curls but I am feel that they don’t really help.

I lifted with the new equipment yesterday. A real abbreviated workout, just bench press and squats—it was a little over an hour before wushu so I didn’t want to be toasted for training. Felt good, the cage feels pretty solid. Still can’t figure out how much the bar weighs. I tried using Kelly’s kitchen scale, but all it tells me is ‘E’. So perhaps the bar weighs 2.718lbs (SHUT UP NERD!).