Very full weekend.

I slept a lot last night and needed it to recover. Nikki came up and hung out with us all weekend.

Friday was wushu and no jumps. Wushu with no jumps is hardly a wushu at all. My leg is consistently getting better and I would like to try it out tonight and see if I can aerial with no pain. I am really hoping to get to gymnastics tomorrow and drill the a-twist for a while. I have competition this weekend and haven’t been in the physical condition I need to get ready. Also need to set up some private class time with coach to polish up spear. So much to do so little time.

Friday was also the birthday Luke Powers. Who whoulda thought that beej would beat me and Kelly to producing offspring. I mean, we expected Johnny and Sara, but Beej? We went and saw Beej, Katie, Laura and the shiny new Luke at INOVA. It was awesome, Katie was beaming, Beej was exhausted and Laura was bouncing around. Kelly’s clock needs a better snooze button.

We celebrated Kelly’s promotion Saturday night. Fairly sure that some people didn’t understand how big of a deal it is for her to get this, but we had a fun time anyway. I am impressed that we didn’t break anything with the big blue exercise ball. There were some minor injuries, but nothing big enough for us to stop playing. Even the spontaneous random sibling wrestling was injury free, aside from the bite marks. Oh, Tom and Ben are no longer allowed behind the bar. This is not so bad considering they were expecting to be banned from the house.