OK, I am gonna make a Krav** Mix CD, and I want a proper full 80 minuite CD. Full hard rock pumped-for-fighting stuff. I so I did what I should and consulted Neal. Here is the working list so far:

  • Dead Cell and Blood Brothers, both by Papa Roach
  • Awake and I Stand Alone, both Godsmack
  • My Hero, Foo Fighters
  • Defy You, Offspring
  • Paint it Black, Earth Crisis (cover)
  • Fuel, Metallica
  • Immortal, Adema
  • Points of Authority, Linkin Park
  • Taste the Red Hands, Dead Poetic
  • Whisper, Evanescence
  • Nice Guys Finish Last, Green Day
  • Motorbreath, Metallica
  • Down With The Sickness, Disturbed
  • Fight Fire with Fire, Met.
  • Still Waiting, Sum 41

**According to Sean they rock the hard core stuff while training hard core at Krav, so thus it is krav music.