Quads are sore enough that I cannot walk correctly. I can walk with out pain but I lock out my knees all strange. When I do try to talk normally I feel it real good. Result of the frog jumps (5X5) and the pistols (2X5) after wushu on Monday. A fun way to come back after 2 weeks of slacking.

Yesterday Stephon and I shared a private class on spear. I am pretty sure coach tried to kill us. I could tell I was trying hard because of the dry heaves and the uncontrollable shaking. Coach said that when they were training back in the day shaking was the norm, if you could use chopsticks after training you didn’t train hard enough. Fun stuff.

Hopefully we can keep up this private class thing for a while, only we are gonna have to move it to another day-Tuesday is for gymnastics and there is no way I am going to have the energy to flip after 2 wushu classes. The quality of training is light years ahead of the normal evening classes. Mmm-mmm pukie.

I don’t care about legs, just fast hands.