Interesting drive home on friday.

I was pulling up to the light getting ready to turn into our neighborhood and smelled something a little strange. A burning-chemical-fluid type smell. As a slowed for the light I noticed my brake peddle was getting pushed down a bit further than normal. When it hit the floor I kinda got spooked, but I was able to pump the brakes and get it to stop in time. As I pumped the brakes that wonderful burning brake fluid smell got oh-so-much stronger.

I was really lucky in that it happened as I was pulling into my neighborhood, at a stoplight with no cars in front of me, and I could coast nice and slow until I got home (pumping the brakes along the way).

I called carmax and informed the nice lady that answered the phone that I wanted to get my truck towed there and she informed me that the service department was closed and I should call back on Monday. I didn’t like this idea and started getting annoyed until she admitted to having no power and connected me to a sales manager. This was good. Mina helped me out. As soon as I told her “I bought a car there a week ago and the brakes went out today” she got real apologetic and helpful. Offered to send a tow truck out right away and get it back there so they could hop on it as soon as possible. She even helped me out when I called back an hour and a half later wondering where the truck was (I was told 30-45 min) and called and harassed the tow company.

This morning I called carmax and spoke to the service people, after sitting on hold for a while I finally got through and they seemed helpful but havn’t actually done anything yet. At least that I know of. I was promised a call from Taylor once the tech had a chance to look at it. I did get a call from them this morning wanting more details on the problem and I basically told him I needed a new master cylinder. I called him a little after noon and he said they were out to lunch and woudl give me a call in an hour. It’s quarter to 3 now. Bah.

I was really hoping they could get this dealt with today, but looks like it is going to be at least tomorrow before I can get her back. the good part is they are responsible for making everything work and getting it in tip top shape. the bad part is the brakes went out and I don’t have my truck. Poor, poor truck.

Cats are nuts.

Ok, henry was a bit odd last night. He was sitting with us in the foof just being all cute and snuggly. when he got spooked. He perked up and started looking around and she Ampere slowly strolled into the room Henry flipped. Just went psycho. We tried to calm him and he wasn’t having it. Kelly got scratched real good on her belly. My right ear was bleeding on the inside. And henry was all poofed up and archy. Paranoid for the rest of the night. Kelly was a bit hurty on the belly.

Kelly was worried, I am pretty sure they had another cat-in-the-back-yard experience. they did seem to be shedding alot. Also we are pretty sure they don’t like the hairball/weightless cat food Kelly got for them. Not that Kelly meant to buy it. Oh, but they do like to eat ham.