Private lesson in spear

Had a private lesson for some spear. Well Stephon and I split one. Unfortunately I didn’t get to come up with a new fourth section (I have compulsory ending in there now), but we worked out a lot of the details in sections one and two. It was really helpful and I made good progress, but then again you always make good progress in the beginning, it’s the polishing up process that is make or break for the forms. I need to have this form done in January, and lo and behold, it’s March.

Spear training roasted and toasted my hamstrings, so I had to take it easy during sword. And I was successful in not causing further injury to my legs. Once the pain subsides I am gonna hammer the hell out of them with SSLKBDLs!

Once the spear training was completed I did make a run for Eckerd for some instant cold packs and sat with one under my left leg. The left leg, btw, was the one that gets stressed when you do that little down on one knee spear trick. Surprisingly today both legs hurt about the same, so I am attributing the ice in the speeded recovery of the seriously strained leg—effectively catching it up to the one I didn’t think was hurt at all.

After class we went out for Pho with Mario and Jiang Bang Jun. After 3 pho places were closed Mario remembered it was Vietnamese super bowl, so we went to Mukee for some Chinese food. I was surprised at the goodness of the food, especially the gān chǎo niú hé (干炒牛河). That was some good stuff. It was especially cool practicing my Chinese with one of my wushu heros.

No training tonight, I feel like crap. Crap that has it’s head filled with flem. I prolly shouldn’t mention the big ball of flem that I coughed up half way through a full power run of sections one and two. Had coach yelling to go faster. I just wanted to run into the bathroom and spit. It was rather unpleasant.

Now I just wanna take some decongestant and sleep.