Kelly got two nicely framed Monet posters and I got a iPod shuffle. Why? Early valentines mostly. It was also hard to hide two big ole, huge old, pictures with out Kelly finding them.

photoNow I must wait a full month for the iPod fun can begin. So sad. So long. Not fair, kelly can listen to her framed posters all she wants.

Tuesday was an interesting day. Started off with chaos. Let’s recap:

  • Phone ringing for a cab we didn’t order, twice

  • Loud getting ready by my wife

  • Turning on of bedside lamp by my wife

  • Phone ringing due to frantic wife and sheets of ice

  • Crying wife

  • Cats attempted suicide while I was lifting

  • Cats breaking a bowl while I showered

  • Discovered shards of glass on my freshly showered bare feet

  • Work (wont compile and this time the errors are more cryptic!)

  • No training, must go eat dinner with kelly’s coworkers

  • Show up at a fancy pants hotel, go to room, wife leaves

  • Sit in the hotel lobby

  • Get informed that VP’s are getting kicked out of the party so chances of me getting in are slim

  • Sit in the upstairs lobby, play scrabble

  • Get free steak dinner(!)

  • Spend the night in the hotel room wondering what the cats are breaking

But steak and a hearty atta boy from work for kelly make for a good day.

**half this post written by the wife