Microcenter rocks. Or inadvertently allowed Kelly to hook me up so I could rock out. Only place in town that had a Shuffle in stock, and it was going to be full month before it would even ship from the apple store.

I wound up skipping Saturday class, multiple reasons. The main reason was the nasty pulling pain on the inside of my knee. When I would initially stretch I’d get a jolt that would run diagonally across my hamstring around the knee to the base of the knee cap. I don’t know how I managed to hurt it, I first noticed it in class on Friday, so it could be a direct wushu injury, or I may of aggravated it when I was lifting that morning. I did do some strange adductor pulldowns. Also Ben was supposed to come over and we would rip apart his car to salvage his stereo equipment. After multiple calls saying he was gonna be later he showed. We full disassembled his car and decided that it might be better to put everything back in. We were half way though with that when Kelly got back and decreed (in a nice way) that we were going to Red Robin. We dropped everything, I moved the car (and its disassembled shifting assembly) into a guest spot, and we left. Even now it sits there with its interior disassembled.

We had a long, long demo on Saturday at Mason. For the NWBI, which is the same group that Sean and I tried to find last year for the go club — I finally met the instructor of that course and talked to him for a few minutes. Turns out he is a 4th Dan and a CS professor. Sounds like stereotypical go player to me. Plus they had a Chinese go set with the crazy one-flat-side pieces.

Apparently that dancing kid’s song has more meaning to it than I would prefer

Oh, and I retaught my self long division today. It confused me, mostly because I could do long division in binary but not in decimal. now I can. and guess what I figured out… 288/6=48. yay.