Just a quick wushu post.

Spear. I was on track to having another mother-of-all-frustration classes. Then coach made me to section one of compulsory, only to point out that it has much better flow than my optional. Then told me I should change compulsory a little and just do that. I know what you are thinking “Oh no she didn’t!”, but yes, she did. After that I insisted on doing my optional and was fairly obviously frustrated, annoyed, frizzled and otherwise pissed off. Things were not going well in the spear class.

I guess the extreme flustered white guy prodded her into action. And in 5 minutes she had gutted and remade my entire section one—with all the combos I really wanted—into a new, smooth section. Much better. Now why did it take so much for that to happen. Changquan and jian are one thing, we have been doing those longer and practice them more often. Spear was much more tricky. Never competed in it before, at TT ‘03 I was a gun/jian guy (freak!). Staff was my first weapon. Seriously. Take a powder.

In the end my section was much better, but why, oh why was all that necessary?

Tonight in class I really should train full sets. My main deterrent is my lower legs, nothing feels right. My ankles have been feeling odd. Not really weak, but not strong. Plus I still have that knee pain on the front inside of my right knee. Again, not a constant pain, but every once in a while I get a jolt from it.

Lets not talk about my right shin. If I train hard it hurts. My entire wushu career has been accented by shinsplints. If I slack off a few weeks the pain will vanish. And I distinctly remember prepping for TT’03 with hours and hours of serious training and having the shin pain go away. Not sure why I was able to train it away then, or if I am going to get to the point where it will stop hurting again, but I really wish it would. Perhaps I should give that podiatrist a call again.

Fun fact: Microcenter is out of shuffles, but the Apple store in Tysons has them back in stock.