Mysterious calf injury.

Ok, so this is really turning into my injury log.

I started feeling it on Thursday after spear class. I was fine all through class but afterwards I was walking through section and notices my lower calf was hurting a little. I continued for s second, stopped and hobbled off.

It started in the Soleus muscle, but later seem to radiate out to the Gastrocnemius. It didn’t seem to fit with any of the calf conditions that I was able to look up. The sudden (yet gradual) onset, no acute injury, the odd pain; I was like “what the hell,” and pouted in my frustration. It didn’t hurt like normal muscle strain, more like how my muscle would feel after a bad cramp. It definitely got worse before it got better. Thursday night was noticeable, but Friday and Saturday were painful. By Sunday I was better, and even today I still have a fair amount of discomfort. And I still have no clue.

This made the Fair Oaks Mall demos slightly unpleasant. The Saturday show I arrived with the intention of helping out, and not performing. I wound up doing dragon. For the first time ever, never performed it before, never even practiced it. I had helped coach it some, but it’s easy to point out mistakes.

So I got to prance around in the mall wearing silks over my jeans waving a Chinese dragon. The best (and worst) part was where we took the dragon and ran around the performance area. At the point we were just running around a mall with a dragon. That was slightly awkward.

Sunday I was feeling a little better so I did basics and 9 section in addition to the dragon. It was fine except for the aerial (painful) and landing on my whip during the back hops (stupid).

Neal came down and we were supposed to go out or otherwise have a crazy time. Instead we talked about lifting and then went and got some siquanese food. Wrapped up the night with the Homestar DVD. Everybody to the limit. The limit of excitement.

In other news:

My iPod is full of TMBG as I am prepping for their show at Borders in Tyson’s. Everett is coming and is gonna bring his accordion and we are going to try and get John Linnell to sign it. As well as rock out, ‘cause that’s what you do when you have an accordion.