New years there was no trip to the outer banks, no Brandon or Gerald. I guess it was pretty sad we didn’t go, but we were feeling crappy, and forcing our selves to drive 6 hours down there would have been no fun at all. We instead opted for a nice, quite, sober night at home.

We played darts (killer and no-score cricket), watched the ball drop, then invented games with Sean’s newly acquired huge playground-type ball. My favorite game was the one where you heels had to touch the wall then you could jump, roll your body on the ball and see how far you could go. Our goal was to touch the other wall, but we never made it. About a foot shy.

New Year ’s Day we had a wushu demo. Lots of last minute changes on our part and theirs. We were supposed to go second, but they changed it on us right before the show and we had to go last. Bah. The demo went really well, all the sets were very together and everything flowed well. I think the last min removal of basics really helped keep the rhythm. Kelly and I bolted once it was finished.

Yesterday I went to wushu early yesterday to work on some spear choreography. The idea was that I would have plenty of time to then get my hair cut and get home before the game. Everything went according to plan for half an hour or so, then coach made Chad, Stephon and I take the 5 o’clock class. Eventually I decided that I really did want to get a hair cut, and I knew that Dianne got off at 6, so did a couple of sections and told coach I had to bail. She pointed out that if she didn’t force me into the 5 o’clock class that I would done something then left. I informed her that was my plan. I liked my plan.

However after 2 weeks of traveling and being sick I was fairly happy to start with the 5 o’clock class. I’m not sore, but I can tell that I did something.

And I got 3 shaky sections of spear to show for it. 1 features a b-t and tornado, 2 has an aerial, and 3 is the body turn spinney jump thing Stephon showed me. 4 will prolly be butterfly based.

We lost our game. We lost it good and proper in the first half. There was a fair amount of redemption in the 4th quarter, but not enough time. Hokies rocked this year, no matter what. 6th in the ACC, HA!

Cats don’t like it when you scream at football. Amp likes to eat plastic bags and light bulbs.