Fragments on a chain.

Slept through last weekend—pretty much the entire thing, including moving Neal and wushu.

Sunday was Sean’s birthday. We got him a monster disk Frisbee thing. Kelly made come cake.

Watched Napoleon Dynamite. Promptly changed my away message to: “Yeah right. Who’s the only one here who knows the illegal ninja moves from the government?”

Lifted Monday morning, strained my left hamstring doing stiff-legged dead lifts. And I was going light. Wushu that night was, um, slower than normal. Was still able to hit ATs and BTs, but 540s (outside and inside) were hurting. That in combination with the strained abductor from Friday’s tornados made for slowness.

I’m feeling slow again today, which makes me dread training tonight. I am supposed to train sword and chase it with gymnastics. I am may have to bail on the gym, but we will see after a bunch of sword twirling.

Talked for quite a while with Everett. He’s engaged, thinks he might be the last of the class to get hitched. Much ranting of suburban life, people growing up and the like. Nostalgic. I couldn’t tell if I was remembering high school or Napoleon Dynamite.

Put my china pictures up and have been working on the wushuwiki in my spare time. I should be cleaning the guest room, sewing, and using hydrochloric acid to burn H*R designs into solid glass.