After pulling my hamstring on Monday this week was a bit of a bust. I trained Monday night, which didn’t help too much. So I missed Tuesday sword and gymnastics. Wednesday I was supposed to teach, but coach was inspired*, so she taught. This meant I trained—for two classes. I did very little on the left side, of course this meant stepping up a little bit with the right to prove to coach I wasn’t slacking. Now it is Friday and my left leg is back in action and my right is sore.

Didn’t lift legs like I wanted to this morning, did some light leg curls for a little conditioning. Tom’s right, I should prolly cut out lifting and go skiing. I have never be injured skiing. Good leg workout too.

Then again, I think I have been properly sore after a day or two of skiing.

Skipping wushu last night was better because at least we had a work-fun-event-thingy, and all got to go to the melting pot for some fondue fun. Highlight of the night was making Meredith laugh when she was seeing how much water she should suck out of her glass at once. Water came out her nose. Then Tom and Mer decided to try at the same time with two straws in one glass. Meredith laughed again, this time with the added bonus of spitting all over Tom. Fondue is fun, but it is beyond me why everyone didn’t do the restaurant week deal.

I went home and watched that show. Ross would be proud. But I may stay home be a pure nerd tonight. NERD!

*By a chinese guy telling her the exact same thing we have been telling her, only she considers him to be business smart. He is our age, grew up in the US, trains at a typical MA school—so he has no credentials on us. I am gonna blame the language barrier, but remain bitter for a bit.