Finally wet back to gymnastics. It had been weeks, nay, months since we had gone. This time Jeff (CMAI, QDX and other acronyms) joined us. At first we were a little scared because when we showed up there was a sign on the door saying they were closed. But the sign said they were closed because the plumbing was out of order, and when we opened the door to check things out Carlos said they could still have adult class, but no peeing. At least inside.

This was fun mostly because we had the entire gym to our selves. We wound up goofing off most of the night. Chad worked on some aerial, Jeff jumped into the pit and the rest of us just played. Stephon came up with the brilliant idea that we should learn some high bar, so we did just that. Got Carlos to come help us (by help I mean catch us when we fell) and practiced doing some backwards hip circles and some sort of backwards hip circle mount thing. We also learned some key principals about the high bar and the male anatomy. Put the bar on your waist or thighs, never in between. Made for some hysterical laughter when done incorrectly, especially when it was someone else screwing it up.

The biggest draw back to gymnastics was kicking the bolt used for tying down the uneven bars over the pit. I was rearranging an 8″ mat on the far side of the pit and just kicked the bolt. Cracked my big toenail and had a nice ooze of blood coming from under it. Made it a little hurty to do walk around.

Last night we had a demo for the New World Bilingual Institute and the West Potomac High School Chinese Club. They were expecting a couple of hundred. The only people that showed were their members. So we did a little demo in the school cafeteria and got our names written in Chinese by the scary lady that runs the NWBI. But I did get invited to the Go club meeting. I believe that give me sente.

Not sure it was a better use of my time than training spear. But my hip abductor and lower legs needed a rest. I plan on resting them again tonight by skipping wushu and just going to game night at CENTRA East. It’s true, I eat alphabet soup while days pass.

Now I must insist that you go here. Ninjas, Pirates, Sharks on fire!