New Rule

We have had to add a new house rule for the cats.

The old ones were as follows:
1) Don’t go outside.
2) Don’t go in the utility room.
3) Don’t go under the couch.

The new one is:
4) Don’t eat light bulbs.

We were sitting on the couch enjoying a lazy Sunday evening, watching tivo’d Stargate and we heard a muffled pow sound come from behind the tree. It was almost like the broke one of the ornaments, but we at least had the foresight to only put plastic, fabric and other non-breakable ornaments down low where they could reach them. Well, didn’t think about the lights. Figured they might play with them a little, not destroy them. After we discovered the broken bulb between the cats we watched them carefully until we caught Ampere going to town on one of the lights. He was hauling off to bite down with some of his back teeth. I of course screamed and threw stuff and ran over and grabbed him and proceeded to instruct him in some detail on why he should not eat light bulbs.


VT 16, Miami 10. ACC Champs baby. We watched the game at Grevey’s (Alumni game watching HQ) with Dmitry, Josh, Jeannie and friends. It rocked.

On a side note, Grevey’s is much less smoky than Kilroy’s, which is where we originally thought Dmitry was gonna get a table.

Sky box

On the topic of good food. Luxury Sky box rocks for one reason alone: Free hotdogs. I guess the free beer, private bathrooms and a climate controlled view of the game were also pretty good. It was especially fun when we got the tickets ripped on the way in and the guy said Suite, sweet! Didn’t quite feel like football, but the redskins won and I ate a lot of hotdogs so it was a good time.

Game night X2

We doubled up on the game nights this weekend. Starting off with Chris and Danny’s and the chasing it the following night at our place. Highlights included playing “Eat Poop You Cat” at Danny’s and Watching Tom loose to Karen in shock tanks.