A combination of stupidity, curiosity, and craziness.
(This is the best description of my cats to date)

Well the birthday week is has now come and gone. And for me, I am happy about it, cause this birthday stuff is getting kinda old. Perhaps if you still got as many birthday presents as you did when you were a kid it would be a little better. Or may if it didn’t mean you were old(er)

We had a wushu-people party on Friday and a Family/Friends one on Saturday. The Friday wushu party left something to be desired. We traditionally have one for me and Glenn together (8th represent), and we added in Paula and Amina recently. Well Amina is MIA in China, so it was just Paula. Apparently the majority of the people that were invited didn’t even know that Glenn and I were even involved until we sang the happy birthday song with the candle lit cake. I was a little annoyed. This group of people also took to cliquing off and gossiping about wushu stuff that we were blatantly overlooked for. More annoyed. Then there was the kindergartner that prevented caps (I consider it impolite and louche to play drinking games when I have been stuck watching a young child). We did get to play some Risk and throw down a bit of Wei Qi, but people were just unable to intermingle successfully. The worst part was that the USWA guys basically came and went. I really wanted to chill with Philip and Glenn more, but it just didn’t work. It was cool eating Vyvy’s fried chicken and playing Wei Qi with Stephon, Chad and G.

The next night we had the Tulli clan and the McHugh sect over plus Gerald. This was much funner. G and the Tulli were there for some tasty Kelly dinner and then the McFriends came over for cake and brought some super fun presents. Jeannie and Dirk even showed up Kelly (according to Kelly) with their dart board. It harkens back to a time when I got schooled by Jeannie on Kelly birthday. How can I beat a Ritz gift certificate?

Work as been all server all the time. I’ll get you Eh, Makefile!

Wushu is optional spear — and nandu training. Shins throb constantly, hamstrings are stale twizzlers, and abductors are indignant.