It’s cold in the nation’s capital today.

The coldness actually started last night. It got windy as it got dark. Kelly and I shut our selves in the house after a bit of decemberween shopping. Kelly set right to baking. I watched TV for a while and then felt guilty for not doing anything and decided to wrap some presents. We baked and wraped, wrapped and baked. Even did some laundry in there. Since I had eaten little more than a couple of Baja fresh tacos that day, and the evening was quickly slipping away, I went in and started to make my self some bagel bytes—which is a default when Kelly is unable to cook for me. So I dumped the rest of the pizzas on a bagel into the toaster oven and set it to 400 degrees.


Black. Power was out. Wait, no, back on. Nope, off again. On! No, off. Power was out. And there was a batch of cookies in the oven and my Pizzas on a bagel in the toaster. And Tivo was recording the final episode of Earthsea (a dramatic conclusion, fosho). Our plan was to let the cookies finish on the oven then quickly swap them for the mini-bagel-pizzas and hope they get to finish, or at the very least finish thawing, in the big oven. Kelly was fine with the cookies getting cut off (we had a plan), and the fact that my dinner was in jeopardy didn’t seem to be disturbing to her. She was a bit frazzled when she realized that Tivo was, lets say, asleep.

“But tivo goes though the phone line, so it can still get it right…it’s on the server…it’s all gonna be ok, right?”

She did calm down eventually.

Then we did what any young married couple should do on a cold winter night when the power goes out-we made cookie boxes for our co-workers! (Which were a huge hit here)

Around 1 a.m. the power was restored, and seemingly everything we owned that was plugged in decided it would partake in the energy consumption and turn on to show its worried owners that everything was alright. So I ran around turning off lights, TV’s, computers, you name it. Back in bed, under the warm covers with the heat pumping again. 15 min later Tivo figured its thing out and turned on so the stereo started playing. I enjoyed cursing as I ran barefoot on the hard, cold floor.

This morning, in a moment of pure inspiration, Stephon came over and we rand around the lake. We had to be careful be especially the patches of ice on the running path. 2 pairs of sweatpants and 3 sweatshirts really wasn’t enough. That was a bad idea.

Least It was half price burger days at Whitlow’s.