Let me jot a few things down real quick like.

Christmas was fun; some parts more fun than others. Christmas had 3 parts. For first charismas we went to Grandma’s. This was a pretty good one, it was just a little awkward. Kelly doesn’t feel completely comfortable around that group, and I can’t say I blame her. I don’t see my uncles and their families very often, so there is a certain amount of forced polite interaction. Highlights: My hammer present from Amiee wrapped as a hammer and thinking Kelly didn’t get presents.

Christmas 2 was pretty good, my rent’s place with the nephews. More comfortable all around. Lots of presents, excitement and furniture. We had fun comparing Kelly’s new camera to my mom’s. And watching the H*R DVD I gave to Nikki. I totally rocked the Craftsman tools this year. Slightly used circular saw, baby.

Christmas 第三(di san) will be tomorrow night, at the Tullos chateau in Waldorf, Maryland.

Last night we hung with Sean and Nina, enjoyed some Xi Shang Fan (Beijing Kaoya!) and Game night with their high school friends. I schooled everyone in falling and even taught Nina how to do a roundhouse kick on S’s heavy bag. Nina taught Kelly how to knit.

I feel, um, less than. Under the weather, say. I was properly sick with a real cold last week. Started out with some sore throat and I chased it with proper congestion. This week I am just a little stuffy. Of course it took half the day for my ear to unclog, and I have a residual “swimmy” feeling, but I am better than last week. I do feel like I am that kid* I knew in middle school that always had a bloody nose. I blame the dry weather.

I want to go train. I needa figure out my spear form, and sit down and add up the nandu values for my changquan form. I really hope team trials aren’t in May. If it is May 28 I don’t know what I am going to do, so please—oh please, Lord—do allow team trials on May 28th. Any other day of the year. ANY.

*Yeah, that was me.