Thursday or Friday night I was driving home at night in the dark. It was raining. I was on the beltway. The strange part was the suicidal frogs that were making a break for it across the beltway. I could not figure out how they made it over the median. I felt horrible for slaughtering so many apparently stupid frogs.

Maybe it is payback for the good deed of saving Capt. Snappy the Box Turtle from Lake Braddock Dr.

I later figured out that it was not frogs at all. But leaves in the wind and rain. I guess the wind/water ratio was perfict for imitating a frog hop. Really freaked me out at the time.

Sorta like when I was getting really tired and thought I saw an ostridge on the side of the road.

Kelly and I finally had a weekend at home with no serious commitments. Saturday was a polite wushu class and a pants-peeing good time at the Tullos house. Even though most people didn’t have pants.

After church on Sunday I met up with Stephon and we finished up some shooting for the demo video we have been working on. I started shooting video earlier this week in class, jumps, sections, etc. So we met up when we had some extra time to finish some stuff up. We filmed for 2 hours or so—just pure wushu, no choreo—and came back to my house to edit it. Half way through the log ‘n capture process Stephon pointed out that this takes a long time. Heh. Our demo vids are long from complete, but in the mean time I have posted Stephon’s Pre-demo.

I also reposted O-Mei Twists now that I no longer have my .mac account.