Lets see, what’s going on. I am fairly sure there was something profound I wanted to make a comment about, but I am at a loss right now so I am just gonna throw in a journal update for posterity.

Demo Vids: Coming along, no new footage. I talked to Stephon about it and he said he didn’t want to put the effort into more filming for some actual fight choreo so I going make due with what I have. Some of the kids at wushu don’t like it, they also claim to have better ideas. However, they can’t remember what their amazing better ideas are when I am around. I was referred to counterstrike videos. I have not looked those up.
Stephon’s latest vid is up here. I have yet to sequence any thing for my vid, however I have most of the footage I will use captured so it shouldn’t take too long.

We have been planning for the basement remodeling. Rip out the bar and put in a new one, and since we are doing that might as well rip out the ceiling. Because, really who wants a ceiling. If you are gonna do that might as well put up drywall instead of the nasty wood paneling we have. My dad even agreed to come help out with the plumbing. Now to acquire my old college mini fridge from the Nikki.

The week has been interesting: I watched VT destroyed MD and we are now11th. I discovered that you (read: members of your team) can give your manager inappropriate departing gifts and have a great time. I also found that you shouldn’t answer the phone talking like the King of Town when your new manager calls you. Even if you think he is Tom. And you shouldn’t keep talking like the KoT while he is trying to explain to you that you are mistaking him for another person.

I have a +3 in first impressions!

Oh, speaking of making fun of D&D (remember italics means I talk like a [more] nerdy guy [than I normally talk]): I cast a int into a float!

Well, everyone laughed so they are as dorky as I am. Well, I am posting it to my webpage. So I win again.