We had a little problem getting on the beltway the other day. We were on the on-ramp behind an inconspicuous car who drove along politely until we reached the interstate, at which point they got hammer by the fact that there was a freeway at the end of the ramp. The dutifully hopped on the brakes, and considered what to do as dozens of cars zipped furiously by. I am fairly sure they had no idea that the beltway would have been at the end of this ramp.

You know those people. Chances are you were one once. Not big deal, they always figure out that yes it is a freeway, and yes I really should go fast and keep up with everyone.

I don’t I dislike this group. The Surprise! a freeway folks are an unsuspecting group caught in a moment of stupidness.

They got nothing on the you know what I don’t understand people. Nothing. When these people complain about the traffic they always start off with the phrase “You know what I don’t understand.” Sometimes I think this may be an attempt at small talk with the other people in the car, much like talking about the weather, but it happens a little too often to be just normal small talk.

You don’t understand how a road can be backed up? With as much as they talk about it you would have thought that they would have put some thought into the subject. Normally cars reach some sort of bottle neck. With a road system like our in DC if the already over crowded roads encounters a circumstance that impedes performance these the reduced speed will propagate further down the road. It does not have to be an accident. Of it could be an accident that has been cleared. These people do not seen to be able to come to terms with the fact that the congestion may be due to circumstances they cannot see. In addition to this they also fail to see any possible explanation to the aforementioned congestions. Perhaps an onramp pumping in too many cars, and maybe one of those cars contained a Surprise! a freeway driver, who caused the right lane to slow down to make room for them. In turn all the I’s important get otta way persons bailing out of the right lain slow down the middle lane…they continue to merge slowing everyone down. There might have even been a nice safe driver who simply slowed down because it’s pretty damn stupid to pass someone who is going 25 mph at 80 mph. You don’t have to approve of rubber necking to understand it. It is a pretty annoying thing to have a 2 mile back up because people wanted to look at some twisted metal and firemen standing around. But you have to understand that people are gonna do it.

Don’t get me started on browsers.