This thanksgiving we drove. I got off work on Wednesday before and we drove to southern Maryland. Slept (Kelly slept, I stayed up with Neal playing GTA) at the in-rents and ate turkey, hopped in the car and drove back to Fairfax on Friday. I went and played wushu. Got a ride home and took a shower. Then drove to New Jersey, Begrudgingly. Where we ate leftover turkey and cranberry sauce. Next day we drove around and picked out tuxes, the girls got dresses, and we drove home on Saturday. Sunday we drove not only to southern Maryland, but also back to Fairfax, for Kelly’s mom’s birthday’s lunch thingy.

The theme of the holiday was sittin’ in a car. Luckily we had some TMBG CD’s and the mix CD I made on the drive with Jason.

The current Christmas plan is to spend the eve and say in Richmond and then have a late make-up Christmas in the ‘dorf a few days after that. So that should be a bit more relaxing. With the exception of Christmas Eve at grandma’s with all the cousins. That is not relaxing. Fun though.

I may skip skiing this season. Not like I was really doing much the past couple of seasons, but I 1) don’t want to spend the money on equipment (and using my current boots means hurty) and 2) don’t want to run the chance of hurting my self – this is my last team trials and if I miss 6 weeks cause of a broken leg I am not gonna help my chances.

Newest annoyance: the crooked support our troops ribbon magnets on cars every where. It is a ribbon, not a fish. A ribbon is worn with the curvy part at the top and the pointy ends of the ribbon are down. It is not at an angle so people can read the words. Those words are there at a reference incase someone just migrated to the US and didn’t know what the yellow ribbon stands for. You do not have to make them level for people to read them. Please, drivers of mini vans everywhere, allow your ribbons to stand up proud. None of our troops want lying down or leanie support. They want strong upright purposeful support.

I may go to the mall this shopping season with the quest to right all the ribbons there. Assuming I can find a parking spot.